PAL Qualifying

Published and Listed (PAL) Qualifications
To qualify for inclusion in the SCBWI, Southern Breeze PAL Speakers list, current members must have PAL credits as recognized by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. These may be individual books and/ or magazine credits.

Unsure if a publisher is on the SCBWI list?

Log in to SCBWI’s WEB SITE and update your profile to add your published books. There will be a drop down menu from which you will select your publisher. Once this is done your name will appear in the regional membership list as a PAL member.

For inclusion in our Published Speakers page

Once qualification is established, current Southern Breeze PAL members may email the following
information to Claudia Pearson:

1. Your name as you’d like it listed
2. Whether you’re an author, illustrator, or author/illustrator
3. What state you live in
4. One photo/head shot (optional) JPEG attachment
5. One (only) scanned image of a qualifying book/magazine cover – JPEG attachment
6. 100 word bio
7. Your web site address

The photo and book cover may need to be sized down for consistency and site space conservation. The bio and images may be updated one time per year – in May.

In order to be included on the Published Speakers page, PAL members will also need to link their websites with both Southern Breeze and SCBWI websites. If you need assistance with this, Please contact Claudia Pearson.


Publisher is Not Listed

Southern Breeze does not determine which publishers are included in the SCBWI list. If you do not find your publisher on the list, please contact SCBWI. There are thousands of publishers so specifically asking to have your publisher reviewed will move them closer to the head of the line.