PAL Event Guidelines

SCBWI Southern Breeze
Published And Listed (PAL) Memberscow

Published members can now join in promotions, festivals, book signings and other events being planned by their PAL Council. This is an exciting new endeavor for authors and illustrators who have achieved publication by traditional publishers as recognized by SCBWI.
For more information about qualifying for PAL, click HERE.


PAL Promotional Mailings

Southern Breeze will bulk mail postcards twice annually to librarians in their region. The focus will be to familiarize librarians with their PAL members and their organization. PAL members may like to participate in book readings/signings at schools and events, and/or have their books included among summer reading lists. The postcards can help PAL members initiate dialog for events of mutual interest to their carriers and the needs of various event planners.

Qualifying PAL Events

Southern Breeze participation in events is evaluated in accordance with the degree to which each event serves the interests of their PAL members and the degree to which PAL members have indicated that they intend to participate.

PAL members who are interested in organizing an event or joining together to participate in an event, and who would like Southern Breeze to authorize or financially support their participation in the event as a regional activity should submit a proposal for the event to the PAL coordinator, identifying the individual who will serve as the event coordinator and each PAL member who has indicated they will participate.