About Southern Breeze

The SCBWI is the only international organization to offer multiple services to writers, illustrators, and those who have a vital interest in children’s literature.

Formed in 1971 by a group of Los Angeles-based writers for children, SCBWI has grown to over 21,000, the largest organization of its kind in the world!

Southern Breeze Region

Members of SCBWI also become members (automatically) of the region in which they live. Their tri-state region, called Southern Breeze, serves Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi (United States of America), and currently boasts over 600 members.

After joining the international SCBWI, the regional members receive not only the incredible benefits and resources of their international organization, but also the extraordinary efforts of their own local region. In addition to SCBWI benefits, Southern Breeze members receive the following:

  • A bi-annual newsletter
  • An annual Spring conference
  • An annual Fall conference
  • Access to local critique groups
  • Illustrator Showcase
  • Illustrator’s Day
  • Writing and illustrating Contests
  • PAL (Published & Listed) Network and Speaker’s Listing
  • Writer and illustrator resources
  • Other workshops, retreats, and schmoozes
  • Volunteer Opportunities – get involved!

The perks are abundant, and the events are educational, inspiring and fun! Their members are treated to a full plate of Southern Hospitality, supporting the work of published and pre-published authors and illustrators. They look forward to getting to know more of you who share the love of children’s books.


Southern Breeze Events

Southern Breeze hosts two major conferences every year offering authors and illustrators a chance to meet editors, agents, published authors, and other children’s book professionals, as well as the opportunity to network with fellow creators in their region. In addition, Southern Breeze hosts a number of smaller “schmoozes,” manuscript critiques, retreats and writing workshops.

Watch this space for event announcements and registration information.

Annual Conferences

“Springmingle” held annually in a hotel ballroom in Atlanta, GA, takes place the last full weekend of February. Springmingle is geared toward the professional level of their membership, with editors, agents, art directors, authors, and/or illustrators presenting large group talks and panels.

Springmingle also provides the forum for their annual Book Launch, during which Southern Breeze PAL members have the opportunity to discuss books published within the previous two years. In addition, framed illustrations (prints and originals!) from books published by Southern Breeze PAL members are showcased and available for purchase. Join them for a weekend of inspiration, insights, and fun!


“Writing and Illustrating for Kids” (commonly referred to as “wik”, pronounced “wick”), is held each October on the third Saturday at the fabulous Spain Park High School near Birmingham, AL. A local hotel offers conference attendees a group rate. The keynote address kicks off a day bursting with 28 workshops on craft and the business of writing and illustrating. Tracks are included for the novice or professional.

Speakers generally include editors, agents, art directors, authors, and illustrators – all professionals in children’s books. The winners of their annual writing and illustrating contest are also announced at wik. Come prepared to be WOWED!

Both Springmingle and wik conferences offer members the opportunity to display, sell and autograph their published PAL books, display portfolios, and receive private manuscript and portfolio critiques.

Additionally, both provide time for attendees to meet in informal critique groups to receive feedback and suggestions for revision on a manuscript, or illustration portfolio. Many unique opportunities to give your career a boost!

Additional Events

PAL Events

PAL (published and listed) Southern Breeze members can join in promotions, festivals, book signings and other events being planned by their PAL Council. This is an exciting new endeavor.


Each year Southern Breeze offers contests for both authors and illustrators. Judge(s) are asked to comment on each entry; winners also receive free conference tuition! Former Southern Breeze Writing and Illustrating Contest winners, Sarah Campbell, Leslie Muir, and Nathaniel Lachenmeyer recently signed book contracts. Congratulations!

  • Submissions are due annually between June 1st – June 30th
  • Only open to current Southern Breeze members

Illustrating Contest Guidelines
Writing Contest Guidlines

Illustrators’ Day

Illustrators gather in Atlanta annually (typically in September) for a workshop focused on preparing

portfolios for presentations. You’ll learn how, and what, to display to catch the discerning eye of the art director who will speak and perform formal critiques at their fall conference.

Other Events

Southern Breeze also hosts a number of quaint retreats, workshops, “schmoozes,” and group book signings designed to help members cultivate their craft, meet editors and agents, network with other writers and illustrators, and connect with young readers.