Annual Illustration Contest

Southern Breeze, SCBWI
5th Annual Illustration Contest



Kerry Martin

Senior Designer – Clarion Books

Contest Judge is asked to give feedback on all entries!

Illustration Contest Coordinator
Kathleen Bradshaw


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winning entries will:awards

• Be showcased during the current Fall Conference, and the following Spring Conference
• Be featured in the Southern Breeze News and Southern Breeze website
• Be displayed in a “Judges’ Choice’ album at annual conferences, plus . . .
• Receive a Southern Breeze, SCBWI Illustration Contest Award Certificate

1st Place Winner Also Receives

• FREE tuition to the next year’s Southern Breeze Fall Conference!

Entries Due: Between June 1 – June 30 annually
Open To:  Only SCBWI members in the Southern Breeze Region
Eligibile to Win: Only unpublished and un-contracted work
Winners Announced: At their annual Fall Conference


Every piece of work (illustration or writing) you submit to a professional must be your very best. It will have stiff competition – just look at the art produced by their previous contest winners! Whether you’re submitting your work to a contest (such as this), or for publishing consideration (separate from their contest), first impressions are extremely important. First drafts are rarely masterpieces. Every submission should have been revised, critiqued – by your critique group(s) or professional(s) – and fine-tuned as much as possible. They want their Southern Breezers to achieve their goals. The contest rules listed below are designed to help you succeed. Best of luck to each of you!

(Note: After the contest you should receive a scoring sheet from the judge. Consider the judges’ suggestions and go through the revising process again. You could end up with a great piece for your portfolio! Remember, when submitting to a professional for publication consideration, each publishing house has unique needs. Its important to research and follow their specific submission guidelines.)


• Anonymous No names or identifying information on artwork.
• Fill in the Blank Complete the phrase on the front OR back of your illustration, AND on your cover letter.
• Word Limit You may fill in the blank with any word(s) or phrase – up to 10 words – you choose.
• Media Used Write on the back of your entry the type of media used. Open to all media.
• Submit Hard Copies Send two color copies of one illustration on 8½ -inch by 11-inch, heavyweight, photo-quality paper. Keep your original.


All entries must be created proportionate to 8.5 x 11. They may be a portrait or landscape orientation. You can work larger than that, but be sure it’s proportionate to that size and submitted at that size.

The submitted entry must be on 8.5 x 11 paper

(see hard copy instructions below).

Nonconforming entries will not be considered.

•Submit Scanned Image Email (attachment) a high-quality, scanned image of your illustration to Heather Montgomery Assistant Regional Advisor.
• Cover Letter Includes your name, contact information, and your illustration’s written/completed prompt.
• Notification To receive your entry’s scoring sheet with judge’s comments, and notification of the list of
winners, a #10 envelope with a first class postage stamp must be included with your entry.
• Original/Undiscovered Entries are not required to be exclusive submissions, however, entries are required to be
original, unpublished, and un-contracted pieces of art. Should an entry become acquired after contest opens for submissions, and before contest winners are announced, that submission becomes disqualified. This allows another deserving Breezer a chance for recognition. After all, receiving a contract typically trumps winning a contest!
Permission In submitting to the contest, illustrators grant permission for artwork to be published – all or in
part – at random in the Southern Breeze News, on the Southern Breeze web site, and/or in promotional materials.
• Artwork Displayed Winning artwork will be posted on the Southern Breeze website, in the Southern Breeze News,
and displayed annually in a Judge’s Choice Album. All other hard copies of artwork will be recycled.
• 2 Separate Contests Each participant may submit one piece of art to the Illustration Contest and one manuscript to
the Writing’ Contest at the same time — their writing and illustrating contests are two separate contests. (Do not send, dummies, illustrations or photos to the Writing Contest, nor manuscripts or dummies to the Illustration Contest.)
• Due Date All entrees must be received by midnight of the due date, regardless of the postmarked date
Awards Ceremony Participants do not have to be present at the WIK conference to win, but it’s much more fun if
they are!
Notification After formally announcing contest winners during the awards ceremony at the WIK conference,
notifications will be mailed in the SASE you provided.